Looks like I’m becoming a once a week blogger instead of at least once a day. Let me just say that to be honest i could write three or more times a day. There is one main roadblock in my way though. I have the worst desktop ever at home. It is almost ten years old and it runs sooooooo sloooooooow. Not to mention it crashes all the time. I like using the computers at the library though. I live less than three miles from three libraries, which is really good. I come every day on my lunch break, but I find myself completely spacing out on the fact I want to write. Oh well I’ll keep trying til I get it right

Last week I made  a conscious decision to drastically cut back on the meat that I eat. In the long run I hope to become a full-fledged vegetarian. Now let me start by saying that I do love meat. The other night I had roast beef and today I had meatloaf. Yet I noticed when I don’t eat meat I’m a lot less bloated and I don’t feel so heavy all the time. So over the last week I’ve had meat three times and after each time I could feel a considerable difference. I felt bloated, heavy and in some instances nauseous. So I think it will work out for me. At the end of the day I love vegetables, fruits and grains way more than meat. Although I will still eat cheese because cheese is golden in my book. i just eat less.

The hubby has been very good with the transition. I’m pretty sure when I told him I wanted to go vegetarian he was concerned that all he would be eating is plain spaghetti and sauce. When he learned that he would be eating way more than that he was on board. I plan to still cook meat for him on the occasional dinner night, because he is a meat eater. I’ve eaten some great things since I started this change I only wish I had pictures to show you guys. Tomorrow I promise to show you something, even if it is just a picture of my adorable rabbit. Have a great day!