That’s what i feel like happened over the last week. First let me state that three miles is not that far. But me trying to walk six miles in a day for five days a week isn’t going to happen. I love walking to work because I pass by this beautiful park (photos to come). I have learned though that I can not do that walk twice in a day, especially when it’s still really hot outside. For now I have decided to do the walk to work as many times a day as I can and slowly work my way up to the full round trip.

On a happy note,I am excited for this week. Since I didn’t have to work yesterday I was left with a four-day work week. Yay me! then it got better. I planned a mini vacation with the hubby so we took Friday and Monday off. So now I only have to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and I’m off for the rest of the week. Super awesome if I do say so myself. Sadly the week it self was very uneventful. I will hopefully get all my duckies in order and start to show you guys pictures not that I know I can do that with my phone (yay for the Palm Pre Plus). But for now I wish you all a terrific day!