That’s the question I’ll be asking myself at least until the rains hit. I’ve decided to save money and not get a bus pass this month. That means that Monday through Friday I will be walking to work. Oh yeah and I’ll be walking home as well. It is just about three miles to my job from my front door, so the question I posed was is three miles really that far?
I remember hearing stories from my grandfather , that when he was a boy he used to walk to school and it would be uphill both ways. I know we’ve all heard some version of that story as children, and I know I always thought it was a load of…well you know. But let me be the first to tell you that it IS possible to walk uphill both ways to your destination. I found this out for myself when I walked to work several weeks ago. I live on a hill with a series of hills along my route. Not huge OMG hills, just enough of a hill to be annoying. I also noticed that it happens both ways to and from my job. Getting to work is clearly more of a climb than going home, but that just means my commute home will be faster and much more relaxing with more downhills. (That’s me finding that little bright light in a cruddy situation.)
Now I know that three miles isn’t that far but when your walking it boy does it feel like forever. I’m also a larger girl so I’m carrying lots of weight with me. Yet, Lord willing I made it to work. sweaty and tired but I was still in one piece. Maybe my outlook will change when I have to walk it home, or when I realize I have to do it everyday five days a week. But for right now, three miles isn’t that far for me 😀 .